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Custom Made Embroidered Patches in 10 Days or Less

Do you love the look of direct embroidery but don’t appreciate its high price? What if you could get the same high-quality appearance of machine stitching at a fraction of the cost? Would custom embroidered patches be more valuable to you? What if we told you that your design could be added to any article of clothing regardless of its size, shape or fabric? 

Custom embroidered patches make the perfect gift item for your special event or promotion. Best of all, you get to choose the size, shape, style, and colors of the patches you order from us. We offer 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery as well as woven and PVC patches for the most intricate designs. We also allow you to choose the type of edge that surrounds your patch. This helps ‘frame’ the artwork featured on your patches and gives the item its unique, finished look.

Select the type of backing that works best for your embroidered patches. Everyone has a preference. What’s yours? Do you prefer patches that you iron-on, peel and stick, Velcro on or attach with a tuxedo clip or safety pin? Maybe no backing is needed at all. No backing and PVC backing options come FREE with every order of custom patches. It’s our way of thanking you for placing an order with us. We recommend that most customers choose a PVC backing, since it makes the patch slightly more rigid. This “structure” makes it easier to attach the patch to your garment or accesory of choice. 

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Why the Emphasis on Backing Types?

Heat transfer backings are the most common and easiest to apply. Simply heat your iron and move it over the patch to adhere it to your apparel. Velcro backings make it possible to rotate embroidered patches around on different garments as they are being worn. A separate patch isn’t needed for each jacket, sweater, vest, shirt or hat. One patch can be applied, removed, and reapplied using Velcro over and over again. Additionally, it allows you to selectively promote interests or businesses without permanently modifying garments or acccessories. Many garments, especially hats and jackets, are coming from the factory with female velcro panels already featured, which makes temporary customization even easier! 

We can either work off the artwork that you send to us or have our talented design team create artwork for you. Either way, you’ll get custom patches that show off your unique ideas and personality within 10 business days! 

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Our Ordering Process is Easy

The FREE QUOTE button is a convenient way to get in touch with us. Submit your information and patch specifications through our convenient submission form. Review the design and notify us of any changes that need to be made. Approve the proof we provide when you are completely satisfied with your design. 

When the design has been approved, place your order through the secure ORDER FORM located at the top of the page. Pay for your patches, and we’ll take the steps necessary to finalize your order. Your order will arrive in 10 business days or less guaranteed.

We can’t wait to get started on your order so contact us right away. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Simply Email Us, or complete our quick and convenient Free Quote form, and a sales representative will contact you regarding your request to begin the process of creating your custom patches.