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Embroidered Patch Border Styles

An important part of every embroidered patch and woven patch order is the edge selection. Finished edges keep patches from unraveling and becoming unsightly. A Merrowed Edge is essentially a sewn border. It is created using an overlock stitch, which yields a uniform edge and prevents fraying. A Hot Cut Edge is die cut. Heated scissors help create this type of edge. Every patch must have an edge in order to stay intact. Hot Cut Edges are used for more extreme shapes, while Merrow Edges create a rounded appearance.

If you need assistance choosing between a Merrowed Edge and a Hot Cut Edge, contact a Patch Depot representative right away! 


Merrow Borders

Burrcutters Union - Chicago
Emergency Response Team
Patented US Patent Office - Booth Seal
Canadian Pacific - Police
Juice Factory
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station


Hot Cut Borders

Camp Norse Kingston, MA
Our Fallen Brothers
Border Patrol Auxillary
California Heat
The Episcopal Seal of Bishop
Bio Skull