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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a PVC backing?

A. PVC refers to the material that makes up the plastic coating that is applied to the back of the patch.  It is both protective and supportive.  PVC patches must be sewn on.  They cannot be ironed onto a surface.

Q. Do you have a minimum quantity of patches that has to be ordered?

A. Yes, there is a minimum quantity of 100 patches per design.  We can create a smaller batch of patches but there is a $55.00 under-minimum fee as well as an increase in the patch unit cost.  We can offer as few as 50 patches per design, if you are willing to pay the additional costs.

Q. What type of borders do you offer and can my patches be without a border?

A. You cannot have a patch without a border.  The reason we say this is because borders help protect patches from fraying.  We offer two different styles of borders for you to choose from.  The first is Merrow.  It is a sewnc border.  The second is Heat Cut.  It is die cut using heated scissors and gives the appearance of a very small or nonexistent border. 

Q. Does Iron On backing help patches stay in place?

A. Iron On backing is durable.  It’s meant to last.  It adheres to most fabrics and can handle most washing machines and dryers (50-70 wash and dry).  We can send you more specific Iron On instructions per your request.

Q. Does Peel and Stick backing stay on clothing forever?

A. Peel and stick backing is a temporary solution.  It adheres patches to clothing  but can be taken off and reapplied to clothing items several times before losing its sticky characteristics.  Once it’s reached that stage, it become a Sew On patch which can still be used indefinitely! 

Q. What type of thread do you use?  Is it fade resistant?

A. We use 100% Rayon thread, which is the strongest available for a patch.  It’s designed to be fade resistant in sunlight and other weather conditions.

Q. How many colors can my patch have?

A. We offer up to 7 thread colors for FREE with every patch order.  Additional colors are only 10 cents extra per color.  This allows you to have the exact patch you want! We don’t place a restriction on the total number of colors featured on your patch. 

Q. How do I measure my patch design so I can calculate the size and cost of my patch?

A. To get the size of your patch, you need to follow a simple calculation of (Height + Width) / 2.  Add together the largest height and the largest width of your patch and divide that number by two.  Simple as that! 

Q. How long does it take for my patches to arrive?

A. We can have your custom patches in your hands in as few as 10 business days.